Workshop Facilitators of Change

We are proud to announce the following Adelaide business professionals will be leading the workshop discussions at the inaugural DV SnapShots Conference 2014:

Inspire Training Solutions Cropped 

Jacque Opie – Inspire Training Solutions

A leader in business and personal development, Jacque Opie is the Director of Inspire Training Solutions, the founder of the love revolution and the author of surviving the corporate zombie apocalypse.
Jacque has experienced the effects of domestic violence on children first hand. She is committed to helping women who have found themselves in devastating situations.  She is passionate about helping people find their “thing” so that they have the courage and confidence they need to move on and live the life they were meant to lead. 



Bronwyn Jeffrey – Mind Decisions

It’s my belief that all of us are doing the best we can with the resources we have available. When we think about our own personal resources, we see that they have come from our beliefs, and that those in turn are shaped by our conditioning, our experiences, and our environment. This is all we know, and all we have available when faced with confusion in our lives. If we want to live in a world that is safe, healthy, and full of love, we need to make sure everyone has resources that support positive choices. We need everyone’s beliefs—everyone’s conditioning, experiences, and environment—to enable empowering decisions.
The create your confidence within program offers twenty-five tools that can help us live by our highest values and build the kind of world we seek.

 Empower Children Today

Paula Luethen-Soper – BestLife Consulting

Paula is a passionate coach who serves the community through volunteer child advocacy work and professional coaching. 
She is a mother of two and a survivor of childhood abuse. She is committed to empowering people to achieve the best possible life outcomes.

After 17 successful years in strategic leadership roles in the corporate sector she launched her coaching business to enable individuals and business owners to achieve fulfilling, healthier, happier and purposeful lives and profitable business outcomes.

Paula holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, a Bachelor of Business in Banking and Finance, is certified in Change Management Methodology and Business Marketing.
She is completing accreditation in Professional Coaching and has just completed a research paper on “The benefits of Life Coaching to adult survivors of child sex abuse”.


Jill Chapman – MOSH – Minimisation of Suicide Harm

Jill Chapman lost her 16 year old son Michael to suicide in 2001. In 2008 she and a friend founded MOSH (Minimisation Of Suicide Harm). Through the services provided at MOSH house and other community awareness programs MOSH aims to minimise the devastating effects that self-harm and suicide have on our community. MOSH is run entirely by volunteers and is self-funded.

Their core message is “Suicide Prevention is a whole of community responsibility”


Derrick McManus – Inspirational Speaker, Leadership Facilitator, MC, Author of 3 books, Performance Coach

From the highs of being an elite SA Police Special Tasks and Rescue (STAR) Group operator to the lows of being shot 14 times in less than 5 seconds and being a mere 30 seconds from death … and back to counter-terrorist with STAR Group … Derrick has always been a driven, professional individual with extensive skills in developing people for peak performance.

Derrick entered the speaking world as a volunteer for Red Cross Blood Service to say ‘Thank You’ to blood donors for their life saving contributions. From there found there were amazing insights into human performance as a result of his ordeals. Demand for the story was strong, demand for the message of self-belief, positive attitude, proper preparation (in ways considered outside the norm) was even stronger and ensured that Derrick has stayed and developed his speaking career and his message.

Get Your Head in the Game is about building the Confidence, Courage and to believe in our Capacity to achieve the things important to us.
Derrick has distilled ‘5 Drivers for Success’, ‘6 Steps to Resilience and Self-Esteem’, ‘5 Steps to Achievement’ and much more.

Derrick currently works with CEO’s, organisational leaders, managers, team leaders and individuals as well as students at all levels.


Kiarna Ella Peapaxart  – Alchemy by Ador

Kiarna Ella experienced all types of adversities both growing up and in her adult life. As a result, she not only survived but learned the tools required, first hand, to overcome any obstacles that stands in your way to living the life you yearn for.
It breaks her heart to see someone suffering in silence, not knowing what options are available and how to move forward to living a life they love and more importantly, themselves.

As a result of working with Kiarna Ella, people have experience greater joy in life, body by design, ability to live authenticity, set healthy boundaries, develop love of self, improved relationships, accountable health and gain purpose and direction.

Now a Liberation Coach, Intuitive Healer and Mindset Speaker that encourages you to reflect on your own adversities in order to see your own strengths to move forward.

Kiarna Ella offers free 15 minute calls to help get you started and believes the best of you is right inside you, it’s time to set you free.

Kiarna currently lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her 4 children and looks forward to being of service to you.