2014 Conference

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DV SnapShots ‘Lifting the Lid’ presented a whole new concept…

Only two short days after she envisaged the DV SnapShots Spectrum she had the modularised format for a very different conference.

Within a few short months a team was gathered; again of predominantly business- and not-for-profit owners, but this time many were survivors and not ashamed to admit it.

Again using the model of in-kind support, which this time totalled over $100,000, DV SnapShots became a reality on 17-18th October 2014 at the Adelaide Football Training ground, commonly referred to as ‘The Crows Shed’. It would not have been possible without the in-kind sponsorship of our small business sponsors – even as simple as $2,000 of flowers by the recently-opened business in the Port, ‘Poppy and the Wallflowers‘, who did it to support the cause and didn’t pursue any promotional advantage for herself.

With nearly 40 high profile experts and survivor speakers the breadth of the DV SnapShots Spectrum exposure was vast and at times quite emotional. The Serenity Sanctuary provided solace for those needing time out, offering soothing massage, soft music and counsellors on hand.

Entertainment once again was headlined by Alex Hoskings , who was this time joined by Sarah Lloyde (star of the 2nd season of The Voice) , and Larissa Boyle who, at just 12 years of age, blew people away. A special mention also to Ben Gatehouse who with his soulful jazz voice put everyone at ease.

Survivor and not-for-profit exhibits, together with 3’s Company, provided entertainment during breaks.

The workshops focussed on components of the DV SnapShots Spectrum, enabling delegates to contribute their views and thoughts and which were then compiled into a report through the generous support of Northern Adelaide Medicare Local (who were replaced by Primary Health Networks in July 2015).

National TV exposure was gained when John Caldwell kindly arranged an interview on ABC Weekend Breakfast.

The entire 2 days, including interviews, was filmed thanks to the in-kind sponsorship of Sue-Ellen from Websitevid.

Photo Gallery Day One

Photo Gallery Day Two


On the balcony of the Crows Shed