2014 Testimonials

image007It is everybody’s responsibility – Be part of the change!

On 5th September 2014, Domestic and Family Violence was declared a National Emergency.

“In 2012, an estimated 17% of all women aged 18 years and over (1,479,900 women) and 5.3% of all men aged 18 years and over (448,000 men) had experienced violence by a partner since the age of 15.” – Personal Safety Survey 2012, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Driven predominately by survivors in small business and not for profits, DV SnapShots is our response to the heightened awareness of family and domestic violence occurring behind closed doors in homes across South Australia.

DV SnapShots is culminated through a yearly conference which brings  people together to Inspire, empower and transform views on domestic and family violence in South Australia.

2014 Message from Lorelle Molde – Founder WINspire


Key National Bodies

Endorsement from White Ribbon Australia

“White Ribbon Australia is pleased to be supporting South Australia’s inaugural DV SnapShots ‘Lifting the Lid’ Conference.  SA’s White Ribbon Ambassadors and Committee members are proudly joining forces with WIN – Inspire, Empower, Transform Inc to take a united stand against domestic violence.  It is encouraging to see DV SnapShots being driven by small businesses of South Australia who are elevating corporate social responsibility to the next level by providing a platform in which government, organisations, businesses and community can all unite for one cause.”


Endorsement from CEO ‘Our Watch‘ Paul Linossier

“Our Watch is pleased to support the inaugural DV SnapShots ‘Lifting the Lid’ Conference.  To end violence against women and their children the whole community must be involved in sustained conversation and action at individual, organisational, community, systems, institutional and societal levels. The ‘Lifting the Lid’ Conference will bring together political leaders, various levels of government, organisations, small business and the community in an extended conversation over two days, enabling participants to continue to build the momentum for real change”.



Sponsors & Delegates

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Business Woman, Glenelg Art Gallery


 When I heard of DV Snapshots ‘Lifting the Lid’ I was both intrigued and frightened. Although I run Glenelg Art Gallery, as a professional woman, I was also a victim of a bully. I felt so alone. I felt that I was somehow stupid to be in a position that caused me, and my loved ones by default, such harm. Perpetrators are experts in covering their tracks, planning ahead and setting victims up to look at the wrong. They only move on when caught, with no care for their prey. I learnt at DV Snapshots two very important things: that I am not alone, and I have amazing loving and professional support through this amazing group of people. I learnt of an alarming pandemic of domestic violence in our society and how historically it has been ignored, despite the large damage and costs to not only many innocent lives but also our society as a whole. I learnt that thousands of victims are rendered homeless and think they are alone.  The Conference was professionally structured and presented. The Hosts were all warm and welcoming. There was no judgement, just sharing, collating facts, support and education. I was very impressed because I was healed of many misconceptions by what I learnt via the round table workshop discussions, the speakers and the attendees. 

There is no heart without art – Art reflects life – Paint your future beautiful



Business & Professional Woman, Organo Gold & High School Teacher


The information shared and discussed at the workshop sessions were very enlightening. I was amazed to see the commitment and passion each of the participants had in wanting to make a change and stop domestic violence. Some of the participants representing organisations had so many obstacles, difficulties and even faced abuse to stand up for what they were advocating and yet were relentless to keep on going. Due to time constraints, the sharing had to be limited. Furthermore the strength of the DV survivors to be open about sharing their story and help others was very empowering. I personally didn’t feel alone and am excited to want to compile these stories into a book to inspire and empower more women to take action and strive to thrive. More such conferences and workshops need to be held so as to gain more momentum to really get the message out that DV stops right here, right now!


A person’s true wealth is the good, he or she does in the world. Be the light.



Business Woman, Mind Decisions Pty Ltd


I believe everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have. Violence is a human trait. On occasions my toddler has hit me when I haven’t done what she wants, because that’s where she is at with her communication. My response to her is to say ‘violence is the lowest form of communication. If you are annoyed at me, you need to explain how you feel instead of hitting me’. I never smack her as I am aware that teaches her that when someone doesn’t do what you want you hit them.

We all learn how to communicate from our environment and experiences. But as ‘life isn’t fair’ and everyone is born into different circumstances, some of us never learn to evolve our communication. To me the only way to change ‘poor conditioning’ is through our EDUCATION SYSTEM, teaching expert COMMUNICATION; we could prevent DV and interrupt vicious cycles and on the plus have a lower divorce rate too. 

Believe what serves you to love your reality.




Business Woman, The ICANetwork


Would just like to say how privileged I felt to be part of the DV SnapShots Conference. The quality of the speakers and guests and the passion which they delivered their messages was second to none. The workshops were well organised and professionally run with valuable input from many sources. It helped raise the profile of this secret epidemic in our society and still continues to do so. It also lets those suffering in silence that they are not alone and united we CAN make a difference.

I believe this should be an annual event so we do not allow complacency to sneak back into our system. Let us keep informing and educating so that everyone can feel safe in their own home not only now but in the future.

It was also encouraging to see politics were put aside to fight this scourge on a united front and was well supported by small business owners who see the value to our economic growth by having productive employees who are not afraid of going home. I think the main message was everybody was united and determined in their efforts to bring about the changes of attitudes towards the victims and penalties imposed for perpetrators. I believe that by awareness of this crime

Being across all socio economic groups races and creeds it will help people recognise what is happening around them and that it’s not acceptable even if is a mate and women will be treated equally with the dignity and respect everyone deserves. That is why this Conference was invaluable just by raising awareness alone and bringing one of those taboo subjects into the light of day and not leaving it to flourish behind the veil of secrecy we will see changes

I just hope everybody sees the value in holding these workshops and raising awareness.. Keep up the great fight.


Business Woman, online shop Imogen Blu & April Nights Consultant

I didn’t know what to expect I just knew that there was something really good to come out of it. 

I was lucky enough to have been invited due to shining the light on women in business who have experienced DV and are overcoming their own personal experience with DV.  At the conference I displayed my Business  products and My New Adventure… My Online Shop Imogen Blu. 

In my lifetime I have been personally through Domestic Violence and new how detrimental it is and can be. The 2 day conference was inspiring powerful and touched you like no other. Everyone became connected and empowered to make a  real change knowing we are not alone. Thank you DVSnapshots for this amazing life changing experience  


Professional Woman & Founder White Ribbon Breakfast SA


A very worthwhile event, providing a number of people the chance to share some very difficult experiences in their lives and how they have moved on. 

It also provided an opportunity for others to share what they were involved in, not only their businesses but also their contributions to those who are survivors of DV.

All had the opportunity to contribute and to make a difference. A very evocative and empowering experience.


Professional Businessman & White Ribbon Ambassador


I was only able to attend D V Snapshots for one afternoon. So had no time to evaluate the whole program. 

 I believe in the adage that a problem shared is a problem halved. A number of those that spoke shared some of the worst experiences in their personal lives with the audience. This would have been cathartic for victims as the audience listened caringly and respectfully. This session was purely beneficial in so many ways. 

It was also refreshing to see both sides of politics represented by their leaders and projecting joint support for action.


Business Woman & Director, Women’s Community Centre SA


I have so many connection now with like minded people and it has given me motivation for striving harder in all that I do and making a difference in other peoples life. 


Social Justice Coordinator, St Aloysius College


The DV SnapShots Conference offered a unique opportunity for all who are concerned about the devastating effects of domestic violence to speak, listen and act. It was empowering, as these three areas are usually those over which perpetrators exhibit most control over victims. The array of individuals and community groups also symbolically demonstrated that domestic violence doesn’t discriminate – it is everyone’s issue. Most importantly, DV SnapShots invited participants to use their strong feelings surrounding this issue as motivation for change.

I attended the conference with a personal intention to learn and respond to an issue which is very close to my heart, and I left the conference feeling humbled to have met many others with likeminded wishes. The Child Sex Abuse and Legal System workshops I took part in opened the discussion about how we can best support the vulnerable people that DV affects – the victim and children. Discussing systematic flaws which prevent victims from receiving justice was very important, and addressing these problems is of the utmost important if we are to reduce the prevalence of DV.

Above all, the conference was effective because it ignited hope and confidence in a better future for anyone who’s been affected by domestic violence. The stories of survivors challenged us to examine many facets of society and identify areas of improvement, as well as allowing them to break their silence, which, I imagine, provided a sense of triumph and ultimate healing. Hearing these personal testimonies helped attendees to a person representing the effects of domestic violence, not just a statistic or a mathematical graph. Only when we realise that this is a humanitarian crisis which we all can help resolve, will true change start to take place.

Finally, I left the conference with the realisation that…

This change shouldn’t start tomorrow…It has to start today


Professional Woman, MOSH


I found DV Snapshots to be an enlightening experience. The opportunity for survivors of DV to share their experiences in a safe environment was very empowering and ensured they had a secure, respectful audience. I found the information they shared to be invaluable to my work and the workshops provided a unique opportunity for service providers to network and hear survivors’ stories in a more intimate setting.


Above the Clouds the Sun Always Shines




Professional Men & Founders of One Step Closer


The team from Another Step Closer Inc were delighted to provide the management, production and delivery of the workshops for the DV Snapshots Conference in October 2014.

Our service was provided through our charity – Got the Balls, seeking to encourage proactive men’s health. 

Our team of facilitators oversaw workshops covering 10 topics relevant to the core issues surrounding Domestic Violence. We observed that there is a significant impact on the victims from the fall out from domestic violence and that DV takes on many forms aside from just the physical. Lives are changed forever and the pain is ongoing.

Our awareness gained of the contributing factors was immense and it became clear to us that our best course of action was to continue to persist with our quest to address the way men deal with their mental health issues. 

Have you got the balls…


Non-executive Board Director


This was a perfect example of the value of a community-based initiative to share knowledge, experience and ideas for action on this critical public issue that is capturing wide national attention.  The particular value of this event was its success in attracting politicians and policy makers as well as service providers, professionals, representatives of business and the not-for-profit sector, and survivors and families who have experienced domestic and family violence and providing a number of opportunities for communication, exchange of views and engagement between the participants.