Day Two – Key Note Speakers

Katrina Webb


Katrina Webb

Katrina Webb is recognised and acknowledged for her unique athleticism and outstanding success as a Paralympic athlete. She has won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in athletics at three Paralympic Games.
She was the first torch bearer to enter the Olympic Stadium for the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games and in 2006 Katrina was selected to present on behalf of the International Paralympic Committee to the United Nations in New York.
Off the track Katrina is the Director of her own business Silver 2 Gold High Performance Solutions. As a qualified physiotherapist and a person that knows how to achieve gold medal results more than once, her business specializes in ‘Turning Silver into Gold’ and improving the performance and health of organisations, teams and individuals.
To add to this, she is a member of the Premiers Council for Women in SA, has walked in the Kokoda track and is a mother of 3 boys. In 2012, Katrina was selected as one of three International Paralympic Committee Ambassadors at the London Paralympic Games.
Katrina Webb OAM is a unique and inspiring speaker and facilitator. Delivering more than 600 presentations to over 150,000 people across five different countries, Katrina is arguably one of Australia’s most highly regarded professional speakers.


Maree Cutler Naroba The Ideas Guru

Impact of DV on children

Maree Cutler-Naroba

Child Protection Advocate,
Researcher & Trainer

Domestic Violence has many ripple effects – none more so than the impact domestic violence has on children. Children are affected not only by directly witnessing the abuse, but also by living in a home environment where usually their mother – as the main caregiver – is being repeatedly victimised. A significant body of research details the many and varied effects domestic violence has on the emotional and behavioural wellbeing of children and on their development. In Australia, more than 50% of women who report an experience of domestic violence in their lifetime will have children in their care during a violent relationship. This snapshot explores how we are better able to help children living with, and recovering from, the ripple effects of domestic violence. Click through to view Maree Cutler-Naroba share her abstract on the DV SnapShots Conference You Tube Channel


Oliver Pfeil

Proactive Men’s Action

Oliver Pfeil

Another Step Closer

Got the Ball’s

Discussion on all aspects of proactive mens health and its role in providing an early intervention in possible domestic violence situations.

Got the Ball’s is an initiative that provides awareness of the benefits of being proactive about mens health both mental & physical.

GTB’s focuses on initiatives educating on the effects of untreated depression and the follow effects of poor health on the whole family unit.

The organization provides coaching, mentoring, Personal Support Programs, workshops and our signature program – Art of Change.




Against all Odds

Derrick McManus

From the highs of being an elite SA Police Special Tasks and Rescue (STAR) Group operator to the lows of being shot 14 times in less than 5 seconds and being a mere 30 seconds from death … and back to counter-terrorist with STAR Group … Derrick has always been a driven, professional individual with extensive skills in developing people for peak performance.

Get Your Head in the Game is about building the Confidence, Courage and to believe in our Capacity to achieve the things important to us.
Derrick has distilled ‘5 Drivers for Success’, ‘6 Steps to Resilience and Self-Esteem’, ‘5 Steps to Achievement’ and much more.



Pioneering Change 

Dr Deborah McCulloch



Isabella Zornada

Digital Witness

Isabella Zornada

Co-Director, Henley Management

About Digital Witness™?

Digital Witness™ was developed as a joint venture between Henley Management Group Pty Ltd and Syslinx Pty Ltd, both based in Adelaide, South Australia.

The objective of Digital Witness™ to utilise the powerful features of smartphone technology to provide a useful app that supports personal safety and security.

It is our belief that everyone should be able to go about their day-to-day living, free from threat or risk of becoming victims of violence or any type of crime. Where such crimes happen, perpetrators should not be able to get away with what they have done, unidentified and unpunished.


Bonnie Stewart

With Love and Lipstick

Bonnie Stewart



EliseHFinal-39 Author colour

HERO Snapshot

Elise Hutley
Ideas Fusion

Elise Hutley is a passionate and emotive speaker who has a message of hope to share with other Hero’s. She will be speaking about relearning to trust yourself and others after leaving domestic violence based on her own experiences.
She is also the collaborative author of a biography that will share the voice of Annette Elliot and those of the women at Naomi, the first women’s shelter in South Australia.


Adelaide Res_Unbranded_HR

Suicide Prevention

Jill Chapman

Its not as simple as “If you leave me I will kill myself”

The links between domestic violence and self-harm and suicide for survivors, witnesses and perpetrators are many and complicated.
Past history of domestic violence for all these groups is a risk factor for self-harm and suicide.
The threat of suicide by a perpetrator is often used as a method of control over survivors and their families and has been known to continue after a completed suicide.
This presentation will seek to unravel just some of the tangled web that is woven into the lives of survivors, witnesses, perpetrators and their families.


Jaque Opie

HERO Snapshot

Jacque Opie

Inspired Training Solutions

Life on Your Terms – Reclaiming your Power

What you can dream, you can achieve. I know this now, but growing up in a home of drugs, alcohol and domestic violence, there was no dream. There was nothing more than the tiny world I was trapped in with no-one to look up to, and no way of getting away from it all. Like everyone on a journey; it begins with one step. This is about exploring you first steps into freedom and the pursuit of your dream.


BJ Dee Price

Disability and A Society of Equals

B-J Dee Price

PHD Researcher
Flinders University

B-J is currently employed at Flinders University in Human Rights and Disability, Specialist Lecture and Workshop: Human Rights Based Practice and Community Development.

Research interests include –

• Concepts of ‘place’ and ‘geography’ for people with severe impairments.
• Justice debate (legal/political) related to severe communication impairment and the use of augmentative and alternative communication.
• Language-based inequality for people living with complex disabilities.
• Research methods suitable for understanding the experience of complex disability.
• Human rights.




Illusion and Reality

Gary Edwards

High Stakes Communication

Gary Edwards is a former lawyer and educator who was part of the research team (with Dallas Colley) who drafted the original competency standards for domestic violence workers. An ambassador for White Ribbon, Gary is also a professional magician, communication expert and keynote speaker. In this session Gary will demonstrate how we fool ourselves and why we need to make sure that we are dealing with the reality of DV and not just the perception.

Gary Edwards