MC for DV SnapShots ‘SpeakOut’ 2015
AmyLee’s work has inspired thousands through her commitment to shine a light upon the delicate and often taboo subject of domestic violence.
AmyLee Hands

Editor-in Chief, Mission Beautiful Australia Magazine

DV SnapShots 2014 “…was a perfect example of the value of a community-based initiative to share knowledge, experience and ideas for action on this critical public issue that is capturing wide national attention. The particular value of this event was its success in attracting politicians and policy makers as well as service providers, professionals, representatives of business and the not-for-profit sector, and survivors and families who have experienced domestic and family violence and providing a number of opportunities for communication, exchange of views and engagement between the participants.”
Emeritus Professor Anne R Edwards

Non-Executive Board Director

Key Guest Speakers

Michael Burdett

Surveyor-General, Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure

Gillian Aldridge

Mayor, City of Salisbury

Cristina Tridente

Fashion Designer

Gabrielle Kelly

Director, SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre

Belinda Valentine

Founder, Chloe Valentine Foundation

Michael O'Connell

Commissioner of Victim's Rights

Libby Davies

CEO, White Ribbon Australia

Greg Crossman

Chief Officer, South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service

DVSnapShots 2015 Conference Poster

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