Expo to Conference

Candlelight_Vigil From Expo to Conference

So while there were links with raising awareness of domestic violence at the WINspire ‘Women in Business’ Expo, how did the DV SnapShots Conference originate?


Only 4 short months after the Expo, Lorelle encouraged other Community DV Advocates she had connected with to join her at the first Adelaide Candle Light Vigil in May 2014 .  During the Vigil she met Dallas Colley, a well-respected trainer in the field for many years and the person not only with whom she undertook self-funded training many years earlier but more importantly the DV Counsellor she had confided in 2 months prior to leaving.  Respecting Dallas’ vast experience both in Australia and abroad, Lorelle bravely asked her opinion of holding a DV Conference and timing.  

Two days later the DV SnapShots Spectrum was born and the modularised program format drafted.

Little did Lorelle know that her dream 10 years prior would not only be fulfilled, but that she would be the driving force behind the vision.

Self funding and volunteering is commonplace in this industry Nez self funded and spoke at WINspire.