Day One – Key Note Speakers 2

The conference will provide a valuable opportunity to join in the change-maker conversation with a range of sectors to instigate and strengthen united action in South Australia. Refer to full program for all details

John Caldwell
John Caldwell MC
CEO, Australian of the Year 2014 in Victoria,
Anti-Bullying Advocate, Author,
Film and TV Producer

John Caldwell is an Australian who was raised in caravan parks by parents whose lives were a cycle of violence, alcohol and promiscuous sex. John was bullied at school, abused by foster parents, and was present when his father killed himself with a shotgun in the family caravan.

Against his family’s expectations he rose above this nightmarish childhood. Leaving school at 15 with no qualifications, John was determined to make something of himself and he quickly realised that retail and hospitality was the best avenue to propel him to success.


Paul Edginton
Call to be part of the Change

Paul Edginton

Chair of White Ribbon SA 

As the inaugural Chair of the South Australian White Ribbon Committee and a White Ribbon Ambassador, Paul Edginton is committed to break the silence about men’s violence against women. Paul is interested in strategies to prevent domestic violence and the affect is has on women and young people. Paul is also Chief Executive Officer of SYC, one of Australia’s most innovative community service organisations. With more than 450 staff across Australia, SYC’s programs and services encompass learning, working, home and wellbeing for people of all ages. At the heart of SYC’s activities are vital clinical support services to help young people achieve.

Donny Walford

Business Responsibility

Donny Walford

MD Behind Closed Doors

Donny is an experienced CEO and Board Director with specific skills in Strategy, Finance and Strategic Marketing.

A strategic and creative leader, Donny is dedicated to maximising the performance of individuals and businesses via professional development, mentoring/coaching and networking.
Donny is passionate about business and economic development in Australia and committed to improving the number of women in executive roles and diversity on Australian boards – i.e. diversity of skills, gender, ethnicity, backgrounds, younger people and more women chairing boards.


No Violence Logo

Pioneer of Change: Legislation in 2014

Annette Elliott

The age of entitlement is over!

The only time serious perpetrators of Domestic Violence are legally held to account for their behaviour is after they kill some one. It is my belief that serious perpetrators must be made legally accountable for all their violence and abuse,before they kill.
For centuries perpetrators have operated their control over their families with violence and with impunity. They have operated from a position belief in their right to do so without question.Who is going to stop them?
My message to perpetrators is ‘the age of entitlement is over ‘’’! We women are on the case.



DV Coalition: EO, Domestic Violence Crisis Services

Gillian Cordell

The Coalition of Women’s Domestic Violence Services will provide effective leadership in South Australia to address violence against women and children, and will do this by:
Working in partnership with key stakeholders to improve outcomes for women and children affected by domestic violence or family violence and abuse.
Promoting community awareness of violence against women and children and its personal and social consequences on both the victim and society


Co-Chair, White Ribbon Breakfast South Australia

Gillian Lewis

Lets talk.. White Ribbon Initiatives in South Australia. How to get involved, highlights and upcoming events.



HERO SnapShot

Arman Abrahimzadeh

Arco Developments

The impact of domestic abuse on families and individuals

Domestic abuse covers a wide spectrum of abuse that takes place in too many homes. This form of abuse can vary from controlling behaviour, financial, emotional and physical abuse right through to murder which is at the peak of the spectrum. In many cases, enduring an abusive household will have a significant impact on those who witness and experience it. This behaviour may sometimes leave the vulnerable with physical scars but will almost always leave them with psychological wounds too.


HERO SnapShot

Tash Palmer Vincent and Adelaide

These children have had to face the devastating cruelty of domestic violence and are still dealing with the aftermath their story is happening right now and if you would like to know more please visit their tribute to their mum: Or read more about their story here


Deb Lee Photo Sept 2014

Primary Health Care Reflections

Deb Lee

CEO Northern Adelaide Medicare Local

Deb is currently the CEO of the Northern Adelaide Medicare Local and previously the Northern Health Network. She has extensive Management experience within both the Community and Health sectors. She is a qualified clinical therapist and has extensive Mental Health qualifications and experience. She is currently completing her MBA.



Rachel - Parliament

Child Protection Issues in SA

Rachel Sanderson MP

Rachel Sanderson, State Member for Adelaide, is serving a second term following a successful re-election in 2014. Shortly after the election, she was entrusted with the great honour and responsibility of her appointment as Shadow Minister for Families and Child Protection; Social Housing, Volunteers; Youth; and Higher Education, Science and the Information Economy. Rachel is determined to be a driving force of positive change in opposition to the Labor government and to strongly advocate for all South Australians.