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‘Amy Lee is the heart and soul of Mission Beautiful Australia magazine. Her work has inspired thousands through her commitment to shine a light upon the delicate and often taboo subject of domestic violence.’


Mag-cover_RB3Her knowledge and understanding of this subject runs deep – Amy Lee hasn’t just heard about family violence second-hand, she has lived it. A long-term survivor of 28 years in family abuse and intimate partner abuse, Amy Lee has not only experienced the depths of human deprivation, but the joy of liberation.MBA

Now living 11 years on the other side of domestic violence, Amy Lee has made it her mission to change the hearts and minds of everyone she meets along the way, dispelling much of the ignorance regarding why and how people find themselves living in such situations, and staying there. She shares her knowledge and experiences while encouraging people to learn how to prevent finding themselves in a DV relationship,
how to speak to your children about such a ‘distasteful’ subject, and empower women and men through inspiring them to make changes in their own lives.

By holding events and speaking at affairs, on television, podcasts and on radio, Amy Lee is ensuring that awareness is brought to the people of Australia; assuring some that there is light at the end of the tunnel, while telling others that DV can happen in any family, any suburb, any time.

AmyLee’s love for photography adds the pizzaz that enhances MBA’s ‘Vogue’ style magazine giving it the extra edge while clearly sharing the message of hope, inspiration and support, spreading the message we are not alone!















As Amy Lee herself says, 

‘‘If we truly want to see change in the statistics around domestic violence then we (as a nation) need to un-bury our heads, see the truth and begin healing this disease with the right education. It’s the only cure we have”


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