Where it all began

The Inception


DV SnapShots is the ‘signature initiative’ of WIN – Inspire, Empower, Transform Incorporated.



Maree Cutler-Naroba (Ideas to Propel you)


Kimberley Marshall (Shoe Boxes of Love)

WINspire Expo6

Lucy Phillips (Adventures of a Lifetime)

WIN – Inspire, Empower, Transform Inc (WINspire) had its origins in August 2013 when a group of 60 women stood alongside Lorelle Molde to create a ‘Women in Business Expo’ with a difference in One Tree Hill. This informal collaboration of local business and professional women was formalised on the 5th November 2013 when WINspire became incorporated.


Collaboratively driven, the initiative used a combination of tools including a planning Facebook group and face-to-face meetings at ‘Art Through DaVince’s Eyes‘, a significant local One Tree Hill business who shared Lorelle’s vision.  Whilst it was the support of many, the key drivers were Maree Cutler-Naroba (Ideas to Propel You), Roxanne Withers (Playford Council), Jodie Pycroft (Northern Adelaide Medicare Local), Melanie Parisilla (Photography) and  Natasha Kwasi (DaVinces).


Still to this day it is hard to believe the ‘Women in Business’ expo held on Thursday 7th November which was such a raging success was coordinated in just 3 months.

The model on which the expo was founded created a unique atmosphere that most said they had never before encountered.  The buzz was so loud it was often difficult to hear the inspirational speakers. Nearly 500 women, men and children attended to embrace around 100 exhibits and interactive activities, engage with not-for-profit initiatives and win one of 200 door prizes.

From the smallest male miniature horse in the world to local rescued wildlife and snazzy cars, the atmosphere was electric!










With gift bags sponsored by the Adelaide Convention Centre, Hoyts (for the kids), Castrol, Peter Kittle Toyota, Signarama and MR Auto Electrical, the bags were filled to the brim with items such as hats, key rings, drink bottles, sun shades, vouchers and more, the buzz was incredible.  What
made it even more unique was the fact that not only was there no entry fee, but the only fee for exhibitors was two door prizes with no cost allocation. 

Entertainment was limitless with a smorgasbord of contributors. MC’d by former radio host and comedian Maggie Wood, speakers included Kimberly Marshall (Shoe Boxes of Love), Sue Redman, and Lucy Phillips (Adventures of a Lifetime), amongst just a few.  Nez Erok, and Alex Hosking (who supported first time in public singers Gracie Thompson and Jade Racz) maintained the buzz with their gorgeous voices.



Alex Hosking


Gracie Thompson


Jade Racz



Nez Erok (Author of Beautiful)

You may ask ‘how is all this possible with no income?’ Firstly all involved were volunteers and it was based on promotional exposure through the many in-kind donations and everyone playing their part to make the unimaginable become reality. This concept was based on the Founder’s experience of being in business for 12 years in the automotive industry where often, as a small business, you can give of your products and to a lesser extent your time, but rarely money and that is what most what.


The question I am continually asked is how did you get from a ‘Women in Business/NFP’ Expo to a DV Conference?  


It’s quite logical really, although from an outside perspective it can be quite left field.  

Find out here






WINspire’s first logo designed by Montana Daniel