What’s in a name

‘WINspire’ & ‘DV SnapShots’

Names are born, not made!  Well, that was the case for WINspire and DV SnapShots…


WIN – Inspire, Empower, Transform

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The name WIN – Inspire, Empower, Transform reveals the first clue as to the core way back before the first expo was held.

‘WIN’ was the first domestic violence action group that the founder, Lorelle Molde, was ever involved in after she fled her own domestic violence situation in the affluent area of Grange 25 years ago.

Based in Salisbury, ‘WIN’ stood for Women in the North and was Lorelle’s initiation into her journey, as she describes, from being Inspired (she still maintains a poster changed her life), to Empowered (internally and externally), and Transformed as a result. Lorelle maintains this is not a once-only experience but an ongoing process of inspiration, empowerment and transformation each time a new trigger from her past is experienced!

So it is no wonder that when Lorelle saw Nez’s ‘Beautiful‘  film clip on social media during the planning of their first ‘Women in Business’ Expo that once again it stirred her passion for DV Advocacy.  After not only experiencing this but also personally supporting women and men she encountered in her life journey she was determined that such an important topic needed to be in the public’s focus. As a result the launching expo raised money for various different initiatives including Northern Domestic Violence Service – ‘NDVS’ – the only ‘shopfront’ in South Australia (and who have now joined with Southern Domestic Violence Service – ‘SDVS’). 

This generated much discussion amongst the businesswomen, and what Lorelle found was that many women who are survivors go on to either own a small business or enter a profession. Survivors are very resourceful: originating from surviving during and after and then navigating the overwhelming labyrinth of services all while feeling like a travelling roadshow.

This is potentially why so many pursue their own dreams of owning a business.  Thus the name WINspire reflects a business and personal journey of rising above life’s adversities. 



DV obviously refers to domestic violence, family violence, abuse (whatever one wishes to term it).  DV was used rather than FV as it is a more universally recognised abbreviation.  SnapShots directly relates to the Spectrum and the myriad of issues stemming from and impacting domestic violence.  It is a snapshot in time, a snapshot in one’s experience.  This concept flows on to the Conference and format of speakers whereby 10 minute presentations on the various aspects are covered during the conference.  The talks are based on ‘TEDtalks’ where speeches are the ideal length to ensure they are not only engaging but memorable, according to their research into the most ideal length for talks.  You may say this logic was made not born but I can assure you that when I woke up with this name and the complete concept the reasoning came later and fitted perfectly.