The 7~7~7 Vision

7 States ~ 7 Years ~ 7,000 Attendees

Big vision, big changes, big goals!


They say when you start, the end goal is not always as big as it is when you are a year down the track.  Possibilities open up, collaborations are strengthened, new big thinkers join you and before you know it your small vision has turned into the seemingly impossible with many referring to it as ‘Bigger than Ben Hur’.  We can shrink to those limitations and boundaries or we can keep our eyes fixed on the big goal.

Time will tell but the vision is for DV SnapShots to be run in every state using the South Australian model currently being developed and then connect every 7 years in South Australia.

During an ‘On the Couch’ Series held by IPAA in October, the CEO for South Australian Tourism Commission, Rodney Harrex, stated that 70% of all people attending conferences return to the Conference state for a holiday.

The WINspire Board are passionate about promoting South Australia and therefore hosting the 7 yearly national event in the State in which we are based, and linking this to future Tourism is a key thinking strategy going forward.