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As a child Amber used to love telling stories, and would often write them down – yet when it came time to share those tales with others, she couldn’t read the words and had forgotten what she’d written. The simple fact is that, though Amber began writing at 5, she couldn’t read a word until she was 10. Her year 5 teacher sent home flash cards used by the Reception children – and something clicked. A few months later this same teacher was writing angry notes home  to Amber’s parents stating that she had ‘no other extracurricular activities – all she does is read!’ In less than a year she had gone from not even being able to read the simplest words to reading 1,000 page novels.

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Creative writing became a big part of her life when she was in Year 7 – it was an escape for her, one which she needed when the bullying ramped up horribly in high school. Then it became a way to ‘keep my sanity’; for she would write short tales in which she would kill each of the bullies off in gruesome, grossly violent ways.

In Year 12 she received a certificate from the Advertiser after submitting a short story on domestic violence, and that same year Amber began working on a novel that was to consume her life for the next 16 years and counting.

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It’s been a long road, one littered with rejection, anger, impatience, excitement and rewards. Amber has now been on radio several times to promote the book series she started so long ago, was featured in an eMagazine, and took part in a WIN-Inspire expo that not only boosted sales but her confidence.

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Writing is all Amber has ever wanted to do, being an author is all she’s ever wanted to be, and now she’s living it and thoroughly loving it. ‘So many people have helped me along the way, it’s really been a combined effort and I hope they’ll stick with me for the rest of the journey!’



‘Rereading books is like going back to visit old, dearly-loved friends.’

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